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Transponder floating mount
M Graphite plate
FM001-M plate
FM002-M plate
FM001-F plate
FM001-F plate


We offer two versions of 1.5mm graphite plate.

When using “F” plate, firmly fix the transponder on the smooth side of the plate with double adhesive tape. The 1mm space is reserved between the outer edge of the plate and the transponder.  It acts like a mini-bumper and can reduce the chance of the RC transponder being damaged when the RC car is hit from side. 

When using “M” plate, it need to be compatible with the original transponder holder (NOT INCLUDED). Install the original transponder holder on the “M” plate. This mode is convenient for some users who find it easy to install or disassemble the transponder and quickly transfer it to another model. Suitable for people with several RC cars.

The best location of the RC Transponder for signal reception


Fix the RC transponder with the double adhesive tape underneath the F plate. Nothing between the RC transponder and the induction line of the track. This method makes the RC Transponder for optimal signal receiving location.

FM002 -F plate
FM002-F plate
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