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Metallic Intelligent Luxury Fan 40

Metallic - The MILF40 features the first full metal cooling fan for the RC industry, meaning even the fan blade is made of metal, with each piece made by a 5-axial CNC machine with 30 minutes of process time.

Intelligent – This fan has two special features that uniquely belong to us, first is reverse polarity protection, and second is dead stop protection, which will prevent the fans to fail electronically even further.

Luxury – With frame precisely CNC made with a total processing time of 30 mintues machine time. Additionally, the counter-directional exit fins will provide an improved air pattern to help cool further.

Fan 40 – 40mm has been one of the most popular size if one required the highest air flow to cool their RC parts.


Operating Voltage 6.0V to 8.4V
RPM >17K
Weight 28g
Dimension 40mm x 40mm x 12mm

WTF M.I.L.F 40

SKU: WTF-M-4012
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