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RC Transponder FLOATING MOUNT introduction

  • Place the transponder in the best location for signal reception.
  • The kit includes a servo mount and two plates (“F” plate and “M” plate)  forming two different transponder mounting modes.
  • Larger contact area between servo mount and the servo mount bridge.
  • Free up more space for other electronics on the car.

FloMas RC Transponder FLOATING MOUNT for Tamiya TRF419X / 419X WS / 419XR

SKU: FM002-T01
24,00$ Preço normal
12,00$Preço promocional
Color: Black
    1. The servo mount made of 7075 aluminum alloy and two plates (“F” plate and “M” plate) made of 1.5mm graphite.
    2. Applicable for Tamiya TRF 419X & 419X WS.
    3. Weight: Mount 2.3g /" F" Plate 0.8g  /" M" Plate 0.8g 
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